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Complete Passbook Support

Complete support for the Passbook specification. Create passes of all shapes and sizes and update them with ease.


  • Host it yourself for complete control
  • Complete support for iOS 6 ,7 and 8
  • PassWallet fully supported

The PassVerse dashboard showing number of passes and updates

Simple Dashboard

The PassVerse web portal gives you an overview of all your passes, including how many have been generated, installed and deleted.

Built using .Net

The PassVerse system is built using ASP.Net MVC4 using .Net 4.5, WebAPI and EntityFramework 5.

Host it yourself

The system can be installed and run on your own hardware. All you need is IIS7 and SQL Server Express. Installation only takes a few minutes.

Works in Azure

PassVerse can be deployed into Windows Azure with little fuss. This allows you to scale your application to meet demand.

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